Why Exotic Tours is different from the others?
Sustainable Tourism Project was the first one inside favelas in Brazil. That means the tour is good for the visitors but also good for the locals. The biggest purpose of our tour is to show another reality of Rio de Janeiro and along with that, give opportunity of work for those who lives in the community. We do not say we help, we show it to you as the guide is a member of the favela and also study in our Tourism Workshop inside Rocinha. This not only give to them work and education as improves both, their knowledge and their self-esteem. Exotic Tours in recommended by several respected guide books as Le Guide Du Routard, Lonely Planet, RioTur...

Why go to Rocinha? Isn′t showing the slums and poorer areas degrading?
The primary purpose is to dispel a myth that Rocinha is simply a place of drug dealers and extreme poverty. The reality is that Rocinha, despite its limitations, is different from that and on the tour we show you different culture, development and several activities they execute to make a living - from making handcraft to recycling plastic. In this regard, Rocinha is unique compared to other slums in Brazil, and indeed the world.

What do the locals of Rocinha think about this tour?

They welcome visitors and their response has been highly positive as we are very sensitive and respectful about the dignity and privacy of them. The community respect and supports our tour because they are aware of the Sustainable Project and its benefits.

Is Rocinha dangerous?
If you go alone, yes. We do NOT recommend that you go by yourself through any favela in Rio de Janeiro or any other city. Although we cannot take responsibility should anything happen in Rio de Janeiro City, we believe that the places that we visit are very safe specially being with a trained professional local guide. Rocinha is generally full of hard-working, children and honest people. Traveling through Rocinha is a real experience of life.

Is it ok to bring cameras on the tour?
No problem. You are welcome to bring your camera and our guide will tell you where you can and where you can not take pictures. Their privacy must be respected.

Is it recommended any kind of clothing?
We recommend to you to dress modestly and wear comfortable shoes as it is a walking tour.

In case I want to, how can I make a donation for Rocinha Tourism Workshop Sustainable Project?
We welcome any kind of donations as school material, toys, sports material etc. You can get in contact directly with our office through our phone numbers. Do not give to the guides; they are only authorized to accept tips not donations.

Do I need to tip the guide?
Of course not! Only if you feel so.

How and when should I pay for the tour?
If you
reserve by internet, you can pay online by American Express or Mastercard Credit Card or use Western Union Deposit within minimum two days in advance. While in Rio de Janeiro, book by phone calling to our office, pay in cash, to our guide on the day of the tour.

If I reserve my tour by internet, do I need to pay with credit card?
No. You can pay in cash to our guide at the day of the tour. We do insist for you to make your reservation by internet or you will lose the internet prices.

Enjoy your tour! Rejane Reis and Exotic Tours Team.
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